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Seat Table

A Seat at the Table is held one Methenolone enanthate uses  Saturday each month at the home of Cory and Christina Jones. If you are new to CrossWalk, this is the first step toward learning more and becoming part of our church family.

Upcoming dates are:

Oxylane village bouc bel air badminton Saturday, July 15th

Saturday, August 5th

Tables are an important place, especially in scripture. Jesus did much of his best work around or near tables. He got in trouble with the religious elite for eating with all the wrong people in Matthew 9; he honored a “sinful” woman in front of the religious hypocrites in Luke 7; he flipped over tables in the temple that were being used to exploit the poor; and he shared the Passover meal with his disciples in the upper room. Tables were a critical part of Jesus’s life and ministry because they are a place to treat each other with equal honor and grace.

Tables play a key role in our society today. Think of all the important moments you’ve had around a table – the long conversations over meals, the family gatherings, catching up with friends. Tables are, by nature, relational. There’s no such thing as a one-person table. They’re meant to be shared equally by anyone who’s hungry.

That’s the spirit behind A Seat at the Table.

We use tables as an opportunity for our leadership to get to know you better. We believe the best way to “join” a church is first through relationships, and there’s no better place to grow relationships than around a table with good food. At A Seat at the Table, we spend the morning eating breakfast, visiting, and getting to know each other better. It’s very informal and casual, and you don’t need to bring a thing.


To RSVP, email Cory at cory@nullcrosswalkLR.com. Please let us know if you have any food allergies/restrictions, so we can take that into account as we prepare the meal. We look forward to seeing you there!


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