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To describe who we are and what we believe at CrossWalk, we prefer to use an agricultural metaphor because Jesus used them often. These metaphors are organic – capable of sustained growth, pruning, and regrowth. So we talk about our teachings with the terms  Methandrostenolone reviews "SOIL" and  "TREE." 

But Paul believed that following Jesus meant the Law was no longer needed, and to be circumcised was actually a step backward. So he wrote a letter to the church, using some Tough Love language, to remind them that Jesus really is all we need.

Oct-Nov 2015

We don't often talk about "Sacraments' in our church, but we certainly have them. In this series we will push ourselves to look at each of them more deeply. Communion, Baptism, Prayer, Scripture, and Worship.

Sept-Oct 2015

The three most destructive forces in the Kingdom of God: Grace, Hope, and Love. Together, they Annihilate our self, and bring us closer to who God calls us to be.

Aug-Sept 2015

Abraham is a very important man in our faith, we will spend several weeks this spring and summer talking about him, and more importantly the promises and covenants God made with him.

May - July 2015

Lent is a season of fasting in preparation for Easter.

Feb - April 2015

The will of God isn't always so clear. But the path to discovering it starts in the heart. Saul and David had very different hearts. What can we learn about God's will from these two kings?

Jan - Feb 2015

Advent is the season where we celebrate the appearance of Jesus, not only his birth, but his future return.

Nov-Dec 2014

Jesus is greater than anything in all creation. Jesus is greater than the angels, greater than the world, greater than Moses, greater than sin, greater than the old law, greater than Satan, greater than our ability to make ourselves holy, greater than disease, depression, darkness and greater than death. When we keep our eyes focused on Jesus, we overcome it all!

Sept-Nov 2014

Genesis 1-11 is so much more than just a story. To grasp its depth, we must ask the right questions: Who told these stories? Why did they matter? What did they say about God, about humanity, and about creation? These are the stories that sustained the Hebrew people through some of their darkest times, and in this series we examine why.

June-Aug 2014