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Leadership at CrossWalk

http://style-byjules.com/tren-50 Tren 50 LEADERSHIP ORGANIZATION AT CROSSWALK

Our leadership is shared by three groups: Pastoral Staff, CrossWalk Leadership Team, and Ministry Team Leaders

PASTORAL STAFF: Our pastoral staff are responsible for the day-to-day functions of the church, including ministering to our people and ensuring all parts of church life are functioning in a healthy way. If you have any questions for our staff, click their name to send them an email.

Teaching Pastor – Cory Jones

CROSSWALK LEADERSHIP TEAM: The CWLT is responsible for vision and direction of CrossWalk Church. It is made up of ministry staff and volunteers, and the team meets once per month to make plans, chart direction, and prayerfully send CrossWalk further on its mission to Discover God, Love People, and Come Alive. The CrossWalk Leadership Team is:

  • John Mark Adkison
  • Andrew Brackins
  • Barry Fielder
  • Cory Jones (Pastoral Staff)
  • Claire Powell
  • Justin Powell
  • Melanie Switzer
  • Ian Thomas
  • Juli Waits
  • Lynn Wright


MINISTRY TEAM LEADERS: Ministry Team Leaders are responsible for a specific area of church life. They possess gifts to make that area function with excellence and efficiency. If you see an area in which you’re interested in serving, click the Ministry Leader’s name to send them an email.


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